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Archives January 2014


Unlawful NHS restraint

...But is all as it seems? Staff at an NHS Trust in the Midlands have been accused of unlawfully restraining patients, including a 14 year old child. The allegations are thought to have been made by the Trust’s former head of security, but the claims are denied by Trust Chief Executive Paula Clark. The news article doesn’t ...

Breakaway and restraint training in schools – Assaults on Teachers

“Stabbed with a pencil, headbutted and punched: The shocking abuse inflicted on teachers by children as young as FOUR” A report by The Daily Mail highlights horrific new statistics regarding assaults on teachers and support staff gathered over the last two years. The figures were obtained from 70 local authorities in England and Wales by ...

Handcuffs – Who can use them?

I recently spoke to a Door Supervisor who operates in a city in the Midlands, exchanging stories of our experiences and working practices. I asked him about the use of handcuffs by Door Supervisors in the city and in particular how Police Officers reacted to Door Supervisors carrying cuffs. He explained that handcuffs are not …