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BILD Accreditation


BILD Accreditation

BILD Accreditation

At COVIC Training Solutions we often receive phone calls and e-mails from organisations and individuals regarding restraint and physical intervention training, including managers, teaching staff and even inspectors. On occasion we are asked about BILD Accreditation and if we are in fact BILD Accredited. In short, no we are not. When we ask why, the common response is the individual believes that they are only allowed to use BILD Accredited trainers as some kind of Governmental ‘Nationally Recognised Standard’, and some also believed this to be a LEGAL requirement.

So BILD Accreditation is not a Nationally Recognised Standard?

No it’s not. This is not to say BILD does not do a good job or that there is anything wrong with BILD as a company. In fact BILD carry out some excellent work, but there seems to be a myth floating around the restraint/physical intervention world that BILD have achieved some sort of ‘Nationally Recognised Standard’ status. Indeed, BILD fuel this myth by stating that they are the “only Nationally Recognised Accredited Scheme” in the UK, supported by Government Departments such as the Department of Health and Department for Education among others. This is simply not true.

This misunderstanding comes from the Department of Health’s 2002 document: ‘Guidance for restrictive physical interventions: How to provide safe services for people with learning disabilities and autistic spectrum disorder’ where it uses BILD as an example of an accredited source.

The reality is that BILD Accreditation is only recognised by BILD itself and is not endorsed, regulated or promoted by the Department of Health, Department for Education, Skills for Care or any other Governmental agency. Moreover, BILD is not a ‘Governing Body’ with Governing Body mandate, meaning that it should not be recognised as a ‘National Source’ for the development, endorsement, policing and enforcement of standards or techniques in physical intervention; nor can it award instructional or coaching awards in physical intervention or restraint, similar to the mandates of Nationally Recognised Governing Bodies.

What about BILD Accredited Training Providers?

The problem for the commissioners of training, managers and organisations in general is that they may believe the training they receive from BILD Accredited trainers is of a nationally recognised and endorsed standard. However it is not, and if commissioning agencies are only basing their due diligence on whether or not someone is BILD accredited, they could possibly be engaging the services of someone who is not officially accredited to a recognised instructional or coaching standard, instead basing their sourcing decision solely on compliance with the BILD Code of Practice.

This is not to say however, that anyone accredited by BILD is incompetent, but merely that BILD accreditation in itself is not an officially recognised national standard. The fact remains that the commissioning organisation is solely and ultimately responsible for the training they implement and are accountable for the training provider sourced.
The unfortunate misconception about BILD accreditation, therefore, can leave many agencies vulnerable and open to liability if they believe that they can only use BILD accredited training providers because such training providers will have ‘attained’ some form of ‘Nationally Recognised Standard’ in relation to physical intervention training.

COVIC Training Solutions is not BILD Accredited, and as BILD Accreditation is not a Nationally Recognised Standard, nor are we likely to be. We provide Nationally Recognised training as opposed to Accredited Training; Accreditation is a link of association and not necessarily a guarantee of quality.

So is BILD a ‘qualified’ or ‘competent’ organisation to teach PI/Restraint?

BILD themselves say: “We do not train you, we assess your ability to deliver training to other organisations within a framework of recognised best practice. If accredited you will be able to use your status as an accredited training organisation as a marketing tool. BILD do not teach physical intervention skills. BILD manages an accreditation scheme for training organisations who do teach such skills. BILD does provide training around the issues of behaviour support and the use of PI.”

So, BILD do not teach physical intervention but assesses your ability to deliver training? Isn’t that the same as being assessed by a driving examiner who hasn’t passed their driving test? Incidentally, if you look at the bottom of the information sheets of many organisations accredited by BILD you will note that it states the following: “This information has not been checked for accuracy, or evaluated, and it is not endorsed by BILD or the NAS.”

Therefore, the answer to the question above in short is ‘no’, at least not according to BILD.

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