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Breakaway Training for Lone Workers

Lone Workers

Who or what is a lone worker? Well, simply put a lone worker is anyone who works on their own, without direct supervision or support at any time. Examples of lone workers include:

• Staff and volunteers working alone on site or separately in premises including domiciliary care service providers, shops, kiosks, leisure centres etc.

• People working outside normal office hours such as cleaners, security staff, or flexi-time office workers

Current estimates state that there are nearly 4 million lone workers operating in the UK (Office of National Statistics). There is no question that lone workers must be kept safe while they work alone, but how? Through fit for purpose training in conflict management and breakaway/personal protection training, lone workers can feel more confident in positively handling potential conflict situations.

All employees have the right to be safe in the course of their work and the law accounts for this. All employers have a moral and legal duty of care to do everything within their power to keep their staff safe. Employees who are suitably trained in recognising potential risks and how to manage threatening situations are better equipped to make safer choices in the face of aggression and violence at work. Similarly, organisations benefit from a happier and more productive workforce, and avoid damaging litigation claims.

We understand how important it is for lone workers to have practical, fit for purpose training. The conflict management and breakaway training for lone workers provided by COVIC Training Solutions equips your employees with easy to recall techniques to improve situational awareness and incident avoidance skills to vastly improve their ‘on the job safety’ and better organisational compliance. The training we provide is designed to accommodate individual job roles, and can be transferred to existing policies and procedures.

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