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Conflict Management Training for Reception Staff

Reception Staff

A receptionist is the public face and voice of your company and the way a receptionist handles requests, queries and complaints can have a major impact on the service your organisation delivers. Whether that is a positive or negative influence can depend solely on communication. A professional approach to communication and customer service is vital as the image that is presented in reception will leave a lasting impression.

Improving the experience of visitors, customers and anyone coming into contact with the company should be at the forefront of any organisational aim. The experience begins with the frontline staff and effective customer service and communication. Effective customer care is now one of the main things that decide between successful organisations and those that struggle with their image. Managing customer expectations, concerns and even complaints are elements central to the role.

Unfortunately, due to the public facing nature of the role, receptionists are vulnerable to high stress conflict situations that can on occasion develop into work place violence scenarios. Suitable conflict management training will aid reception staff to recognise a conflict situation and manage it with confidence. Should the need arise, breakaway or personal protection training can prevent reception staff from being unnecessarily injured and aid them in withdrawing to a safe place until help arrives.

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