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Conflict Management

This Conflict Management course aims to equip staff with skills and confidence to capably deal with conflict or aggression at work. The course examines effective communication and behaviour, as well as how legislation is used to protect employees. Many conflict situations can be anticipated and as such avoided by employing recognised conflict management models, thus providing a win-win outcome.

On our Conflict Management course, delegates will learn how to recognise and calm a potential conflict scenario, handle difficult behaviour, discover the importance of effective communication as well as develop many other skills required to manage conflict effectively and professionally.

Group based exercises are utilised to allow delegates to address any issues they may have in a safe practice environment.

Conflict Management training is perfect for any front-line staff, including :

  • Receptionists
  • Health workers
  • Transport staff
  • Teachers
  • Retailers
  • Hotel staff
  • Restaurant workers
  • And many more…

Please note: This course is solely class based with no physical intervention or breakaway elements involved.

  1. Introduction to workplace violence.
  2. Have a good working understanding of the Law in relation to the use of ‘reasonable force’ for personal protection and / or the protection of others.
  3. Understand the various elements of the Health and Safety at Work Act etc 1974, in particular sections 2, 3, 7 and 8. In addition, the associated Health and Safety Regulations that relate to the use of physical force in the workplace, including what is meant by the common-law duty of care as well as Manual Handling Regulations.
  4. Demonstrate self- awareness and the impact you have on others
  5. Proactive service delivery
  6. Demonstrate effective Communication skills and identify why these skills are essential
  7. Demonstrate defusing, de-escalation and calming strategies
  8. Manage high risk conflict
  9. Lone working protocol
  10. Demonstrate an understanding of seeking post incident support
  11. Report writing and reporting procedures

1 Day

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