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First Aid at Work (3 Day)

First Aid At Work 3 Day
The comprehensive 3 day first aid at work course is for people intending to act as a First Aider at Work. The course is designed to provide the First Aider with the skills necessary to give effective life support, diagnose and treat injuries or illness, and maintain care and comfort of the casualty, with an emphasis on dealing with life threatening situations and keeping the casualty alive until professional help arrives.

The First Aid at Work 3 day course is particularly suited to workplaces that pose more significant health and safety risks.  To gain a better understanding of the first aid requirements of your business, please download the HSE First Aid At Work Guidelines designed to guide employers with

  • the management of all first aid provisions (first-aid kit, equipment, rooms etc)
  • the requirements and training for first-aiders
  • requirements for appointed persons
  • making employees aware of first-aid arrangements
  • first aid and the self-employed
  • cases where first-aid regulations do not apply

Should the First Aid at Work 3 day course be unsuitable for your business needs, please consider the Emergency First Aid at Work 1 day course.

By the end of the course, candidates will be able to manage the following.

1.    Accidents and illness
2.    Using a first aid kit
3.    Simple record keeping
4.    Treatment of an unconscious casualty
5.    Heart attacks
6.    Resuscitation
7.    Shock
8.    Choking
9.    Bleeding
10.  Burns and scalds
11.  Poisoning
12.  Fractures
13.  Seizures
14.  Asthma
15.  Severe allergic reaction
16.  Eye injuries
17.  Low blood sugar
18.  Fainting

This course involves at least 24 hours of training and is run over three days.

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