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Outreach Groups

Outreach Groups

Outreach groups provide services to service users that might not normally have access to those services, quite often by bringing the service to the location that it is required. Whether that is providing food and shelter to the homeless, offering drug rehabilitation to those in the community that need it, or providing mediation to youths and gangs, Outreach workers are vulnerable to attack, particularly if tensions are running high.

Suitable and fit for purpose training for Outreach Workers in Conflict Management and Breakaway can aid them in handling volatile and potentially dangerous situations with greater confidence. Conflict Management training will aid your staff in recognising and calming a potential conflict scenario through the use of effective communication, improved spatial awareness as well as many other skills made available.

Breakaway training for Outreach groups will provide staff with the necessary skills to stay safe should a service user become violent and attack the service provider. By being able to break an attacker’s hold and withdraw to a safe area, the potential injury, heart ache and suffering experienced by all concerned is greatly reduced.

If you would like to discuss Conflict Management or Breakaway training for Outreach groups further, please get in touch.