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Restraint Training for Rehabilitation Centres

Rehabilitation Centres

Assessing the risk of violence in the workplace not only requires that you identify the hazards that may increase the risk of workplace violence, but that you analyse the identified hazards to determine the degree of risk associated with each one. When discussing the risk of violence in a rehabilitation centre, service users battling the effects of drug or alcohol withdrawal, or those managing psychiatric difficulties can be identified as hazards.

When conducting a work place violence risk assessment, an employer must take all of the following into consideration:

• Past violent incidents;
• Violence that happens in workplaces similar to yours;
• The conditions in which the work is done (e.g., alone, late at night);
• The interactions (e.g., working with the public) that happen in doing
• The work; and
• The physical location and layout of the workplace

In order to reduce the risk of workplace violence faced by staff, suitable and fit for purpose Conflict Management, Breakaway and restraint training for Rehabilitation Centres should be provided as part of an overarching work place violence reduction policy. This will not only help keep staff safe, but also other service users and indeed the service user that may have been violent.

The training provided by COVIC Training Solutions is ethically and morally suitable, but above all easy to recall, very effective and legally defensible.

If you would like to discuss the training requirements for your organisation, please get in touch.