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Restraint Training with Older People

Restraint Training with Older People

The subjects of ‘physical intervention’ or ‘restraint’ when considering older people in either domiciliary care or residential care are quite often very emotive. However, in the process of providing care to older service users, many care workers may have to use physical intervention in order to maintain a safe environment for the service user, themselves and anyone else that maybe affected.

At COVIC Training Solutions we believe that the personal safety of both the service user and staff member is paramount and fit for purpose training is key to achieving this. Built on the foundations and principles set out in UK and EU law, our restraint and physical intervention training packages teach that force is only to be used when preventing a greater harm from occurring.

Suitable and fit for purpose physical intervention and restraint training for older people will ensure that all staff are equipped with techniques specifically designed for use with older people, rather than a ‘one size fits all’ restraint package. Additionally conflict management training will help staff competently and confidently de-escalate potentially volatile and dangerous situations, greatly reducing the need for restraint. As an ethical company conflict management and de-escalation through effective communication are vital elements of our restraint training.

If you would like to discuss restraint training for Care Providers working with Older People further, please get in touch.