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Restraint Training with Vulnerable People

Restraint Training with Vulnerable People

When discussing the terms ‘restraint’ or ‘physical intervention’ with a manager of care workers or service providers, quite often there is a sharp intake of breath or an uncomfortable shuffle in the seat as if I have raised a very tricky issue. There is no doubt that any use of force can be dangerous, both from a physical perspective as well as a legal one. However, the fear that can arise from the subject need not exist.

There is a great deal of confusion and stigma over what force can or should be used when dealing with aggressive or violent vulnerable people. There are a great number of policies currently in place that potentially put both the vulnerable person and carers at risk simply through not knowing enough about the relevant law and guidelines. Additionally, improper or illegal restraint techniques may be applied, causing unnecessary pain, injury and heartache for all concerned.

At COVIC Training Solutions we believe that the protection of both the staff and service users should be everyone’s leading aim and that fit for purpose training is critical in achieving this. The exclusive purpose for any restraint or physical intervention is to prevent a greater harm from occurring and this ethos is enshrined in UK law and the National Standards of statutory and governing bodies. As such, the specific restraint training with vulnerable people we offer not only reflects these core principles, but is built on those foundations. As an ethical company conflict management and de-escalation through effective communication are vital elements of our restraint training.

If you are concerned about the safety of your staff or service users then get in touch with COVIC Training Solutions.