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Senior Instructor: Colin Vowles

Colin Vowles
Colin Vowles is the Training Director and Senior Instructor at COVIC Training Solutions. With many years first-hand experience in customer care and conflict management, Colin entered Her Majesty’s Prison Service as an Officer in a Juvenile Establishment, gaining valuable experience in working with children, particularly in volatile situations. Within his role as a Prison Officer, Colin became very conversant with the implementation of recognised de-escalation and conflict management strategies as well as official Breakaway, Control & Restraint and physical intervention techniques.

Colin was also involved in Operation Tornado, HM Prison Service’s counter measure for concerted indiscipline (more commonly known as riots) and serious incidents of unrest. Being involved in a number of active deployments honed Colin’s operational experience regarding the appropriate use of force in high stress situations.

Trained as a Prison Service Mediator, Colin is also experienced in using empathy and effective communication skills to bring about ‘win-win’ results in scenarios involving high levels of emotion between two disputants. Quite often, the need to think laterally was critical to ensuring a peaceful and effective resolution.

Colin is currently the holder of a valid SIA Door Supervisor Licence and remains operational in the field of event and festival security as well as training the professionals that operate in this fast paced industry. From initial SIA Door Supervisor qualification to Advanced Physical Intervention and handcuffing techniques; all with the aim of raising standards and improving customer service, Colin Vowles can bring his wealth of operational experience and recognised qualifications to the class environment, offering quality training to a wide range of agencies.