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Welcome to COVIC Training Solutions


Welcome to COVIC Training Solutions

Welcome to COVIC Training Solutions, specialist trainers in Conflict Management, Breakaway and Physical Intervention, Handcuffing and a selection of SIA courses, ranging from Level 2 Security Guard to Level 2 Door Supervisor.

Are you employed in a front-line service role? Perhaps you are a manager responsible for a number of employees that provide support and services to service users and/or members of the general public? Whether you operate in the public or private sector, we are on hand to help you with your specialised staff development needs.

Instead of just offering prescribed ‘one size fits all’ courses, we prefer to provide a fully tailored package to suit your requirements, thus ensuring your staff are not only trained to the highest standards but, more importantly, they receive training that is appropriate for your business.

Are your risk assessments and policies in relation to Conflict Management and/or Physical Intervention up to date and legally accurate? There is steady rise in the number of employees successfully seeking compensation, when their employers fall short in their duty of care to staff. This is largely because the control measures put in place are woefully inadequate and not fit for purpose. When a member of staff is hurt, injured or worse killed, then Court will look to the risk assessments and policies in relation to the incident. If those policies are unsuitable, then the organisation will be held to account.

At COVIC Training Solutions we not only provide training in Conflict Management, Breakaway and Physical Intervention to your staff, but are available to provide risk assessment and policy review advice and guidance to you. With practical experience and firm knowledge of the underpinning legislation surrounding these subjects, we can ensure that the training courses selected are suited to your business requirements.

The package doesn’t end there! Once your risk assessments and policies are reviewed and are fit for purpose, your staff fully trained and their knowledge and skills regularly refreshed, COVIC Training Solutions goes one step further. Should there be the need to conduct an investigation into an incident involving Physical Intervention, Breakaway or any other use of force options; we are there to offer support and guidance to you and your organisation throughout the entire procedure. Whether that is by offering professional, expert advice and guidance or conducting the whole investigation for you, COVIC Training Solutions is there to help.

Creating this bespoke, fit for purpose package provides on-going support for your organisation. By keeping your employees safe from injury, harm and unnecessary suffering we can keep your business safe from litigation.

There will be regular news updates and free information on the ‘News’ page of this site. Please feel free to use the information provided in your own research. If you have any questions or would like to discuss this article, please send me a message or give me a call and I will be happy to discuss your queries further.

Welcome again and I hope to speak to you in the future.

Colin Vowles
Training Director
COVIC Training Solutions