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Youth Groups

Youth Groups

Whether a group providing services for youths is nationally recognised organisation such as Guides, Scouts, Military Cadets or a local youth centre, the law in relation to child safety and welfare is paramount and must be at the forefront of everything we do. Unfortunately there may be the occasion where a child’s behaviour becomes aggressive, threatening and ultimately violent.

As a youth worker you have a duty of care to protect the other children, other people and the child in question. Due to the perceived complexity of legislation surrounding children, it can be a more daunting prospect managing a child’s threatening behaviour than that of an adult. However, it is the role of the youth worker to manage the incident until it is either resolved or professional help arrives.

Suitable Conflict Management training for Youth Workers is a way of providing skills and confidence in managing potentially dangerous and volatile situations. By developing effective communication skills as well as enhancing spatial awareness and a variety of other skills, centre staff are better equipped to de-escalate incidents of conflict.

Youth Workers need to be able to defend themselves and others due the duty of care owed, if a situation becomes violent. This can be achieved by Breakaway and Restraint training for Youth Workers. The training is heavily centred on the welfare of the child and was created in line with current UK and EU law and relevant Governmental guidelines.

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