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Monkeys, Bananas & ‘Mob Culture’

I recently received an amusing email from a friend that spoke about an experiment involving a number of monkeys, a ladder, some bananas and a cold shower. After reading the email and agreeing with its sentiments, I realised that it struck a chord with me and I couldn’t shake off the message it conveyed. I ...

HSE Publications

In many organisations and industries across the world, managers create policies and working practices to ensure the safety of their staff and customers, service users and general public. In the UK these policies must be created by law and failure to do so can result in litigation, fines or even a custodial sentence for those ...

Unlawful NHS restraint

...But is all as it seems? Staff at an NHS Trust in the Midlands have been accused of unlawfully restraining patients, including a 14 year old child. The allegations are thought to have been made by the Trust’s former head of security, but the claims are denied by Trust Chief Executive Paula Clark. The news article doesn’t ...
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